Lucca Games 2004
29th October to 
1st November


This year will take place the 18th edition of the most important Italian painting contest, the Grog Trophy throughout Lucca Games the best Italian Convention.

Usually the best Italian painters compete to win the Grog Sword or one of the trophies but this year the organization has contacted me asking to spread the word around to get some international entries.
If you like to compete and to visit one of the best medieval city in Italy take a look to the contest rules and plan your trip, I will be more than happy to meet you in Lucca and talk about painting.
On the other side if you cant come here I have managed a solution with the organization, it's possible to send your miniatures to me and I will bring them to the contest. At the end of the contest I will pack them again and send them back.

Actually I'm looking for stores, clubs or individuals that collect the miniatures from other painters in their countries and send them here. At the end of the fair they will get back the miniatures and distribute them to the owners... this will optimize the expenses.
As reward I will add the link and the banner you send me in the gallery page (last year the Lucca Games 2001 and 2002 gallery has totalized more than 750.000 hits) and hope to add some gift to the box before I will send it back.
If you are interested or have some tip about it please send me a
(I don't get money for this service, just a couple of free tickets and the opportunity to meet with someone of you).

That's all we will meet in Lucca!

(Sorry for the bad English, if you have some question or corrections please mail me, thanks! - DP)


1) Everyone have to read these rules, the entry involve the total agreement of the rules.

2) The inscriptions starts at the beginning of the Fair (10 AM of Friday 29th October 2003) and close at noon of the last day (Monday 1st November 2003). You can enter miniatures of any brand.

3) The miniatures will be judged by a competent group of expert painters.

4) The prize giving will take place in the afternoon of the last day of the Fair at the same time of the prize giving for the other competitions.

5) The prizes are for the first and second places in the A, B and C categories and for the first place in the D, E and F categories. In addition to these prizes the "Best of Show" prize consist in a beautiful sword.
It's possible that the organization decide to add more prizes.

6) The jury, in case of force majeure, reserve the right to cancel a category and to add the miniatures to the similar category as well as the right to subscribe the miniatures to a different category instead the one indicated by the subscriber (especially in case of pieces that can be classified in two or more categories).

7) The jury reserve the right to refuse to assign the prizes in case the miniatures entered in the contest are not judged to be adequate (never happened in the past).

Enrolment fee

FREE!!!  Every competitor can enter up to 5 (five) pieces (single miniatures, dioramas or squad) to the contest.


A) Single miniatures: humans, humanoids and monsters up to 50mm (2") of height (base and banner excluded).

B) Mounted miniatures: as above but mounted (on horses, monsters, bikes...).

C) Big monsters and vehicles: humanoids and monsters taller than 50mm (2") of height or mounted on big mounts (i.e. dragons), fantasy war machines or sci-fi vehicles.

D) Complex or converted miniatures: heavily converted miniatures, scratch built pieces and miniatures with elaborated bases.

E) Vignettes and mini-dioramas: scenes and dioramas without restrictions.

F) Game units: group of at least 5 (Max 12) historical, fantasy or sci-fi miniatures on foot or 4 (Max 8) mounted miniatures with horses, small monsters or light vehicles (i.e. bikes).

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