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This page is just a selection of sites in alphabetical order dedicated to the De Bellis rules.
A word of thanks for DeFoix that send this address list to the newsgroup it.hobby.giochi and give me the inspiration for this page.

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Bob Beattie’s Wargaming Page
Bob’s Wargaming Site
British Historical Games Society
Chris Brantley's Fanaticus DBA Resource Page
DBM Australia
DBM De Bellis Multitudinis
De Bellis Homepagius
De Bellis Multitudinis Battle Drills and Tactics
De Bellis Renationis (scenari)
Ed’s Hobby Hovel
Eric Lande’s DBM Page
Ethan Zorick’s DBM Page
Humberside Wargame Society
Keith’s Ancient British DBM Page
Ken Blackey’s DBM Page
Kevin Hoyle DBM
La Scimmia Furente
Luke Ueda-Sarson’s Page
Milton Keynes Wargames Society
Nik Gaukroger’s DBx Page
Richard Bodley Scott’s Page
Roger Pimlott’s DBM Page
The Miniatures Page
The Society of Ancients
Thomo the Lost

Who? Me?!?
Image Gallery
Lucca Games 2004
Painting guide
Confrontation rules
Links: historical
Links: DBx