These are just some of the links that I have found in the net, I have tried to select the most interesting to complete the information that you find on this site.
If you want to report me other sites I will be happy to add them to the list. If instead you want that I add some links on some other matter.... all suggestions are welcome.

Sites with information on miniatures painting (mostly from the Mini-painter mailing list) :

Hot Lead
in this site you will find painted miniatures with an unique style and quality.
Laszlo has decided also to share his secrets and his painting guide is one of the best around the net for the clarity of explanations 
not only wonderful miniatures and nice conversions but also a painting guide for beginners and advanced painters. One of the best resources in the net for the miniatures enthusiasts
Home of the Visions in Colors show.

Minutiae: fantasy miniatures and scenery by Joel Patton
Gallery, links and the usual useful tips

The Miniature Collecting & Painting center
some interesting articles and a gallery of well painted miniatures. Take a look to the guestbook that contain Paul's answers to the users questions

Mini's by Matt
a good painting guide and many miniatures. Matt has painted miniatures for many manufacturers, he's a professional painter!

Rob's miniatures place 
directly from Australia a gallery of definitely good miniatures. Take a look to the different "interpretations" of the "Women with guns" theme

The Swords of Chaos Mercenary Command 
Tim "The Ogre" Watson has one of the best sites about Battletech. Take a look to his scratch-built mechs 

Thomas Pope's Miniatures Page 
another page of nicely painted miniatures, check out his "Lazy Painting Guide" and the Superheroes gallery. Thomas also maintain the Stuff of Legends site (later in this page)

Bob Lippman's strategic headquarters
a page full of info about painting, sculpting and differents miniatures systems like

Wolfbane - The winter den
Wolfbane's site is the first and only Italian site with information about Warzone, Chronopia and Confrontation. Their miniatures worth the time to make a tour on his pages (Italian only)

Julius Tuomisto
wonderful miniatures from Finland, check out his Gallery page!

Society of Ancients 
Humberside Wargames Society & East Riding Miniatures
two of the sites maintained by Tony Barr. You can find here many info about historical wargames and miniatures

Simon M. Jones
Fantasy and historical miniatures in Simon's galleries

dedicated to Talisman this site is full of nicely painted miniatures. Take a look to Chern Ann's works in progress

Stéphane's web page
take a look to this page to see some miniatures sculpted and painted by Stéphane Camosseto, a very talented guy from France!

Brett DeWald won 15 prizes at Golden Demon and his miniatures are really extraordinaries. If you are a painter you can't miss this site.

The miniature Gallery
You have already seen Dirk Stiller's miniatures in my guests gallery and now you can admire some other wonderful paintjobs in his new site. He's one of the best painters around.

Jennifer Haley is incredible... her miniatures have an unmistakable style and the subtle blends and color choice are really unique. We are lucky you can discover her techniques  browsing her site full of good pictures and information.

Miniature Web Planet
A good gallery of miniatures in both 25 and 54mm scale are the best thing of Mario's homepage. A good place to find some inspiration and complete with painting tips and links.

Caution - Wet Paint!
Directly from the Hawaii here's Kenneth Taba's site where you can find many hints and tips about the miniature painting and see wonderful miniatures.

Bobby Wong is the winner of the Slayer Sword at US Golden Demon 2001 as well as the winner of many Golden Demon awards. His blending style and bright colors as well as his conversion ability are unique. You can't miss this site!.
Holger Schmidt is a miniature painter from Germany that has painted for some of the best German miniature brands. Here you can fins some good inspiration for your paint schemes browsing the fantasy and sci-fi galleries.

Deux Ex-Machina: Home of the True Believers
Home of the Female Miniature Painting Contest, the painting contst reserved to female miniatures. This contest was a big hit since the first edition and I'm sure you will like it too ;o).

Miniature Space
Jason Richards first visit to the Golden Demon Usa ended wth 6 prizes and here you can see all his outstanding miniatures. Check the Inquisitor page, this guy has some of the best scratch built miniatures I have ever seen.

Mini Painter World Map 
Dave Kelly's site is useful if you need to find some painter in your zone to share tips or info about miniatures. Add your name and location to the database so you can easily find new friends with your same interest.
You can also find here the usual miniature gallery and tips. 

David Gulczynski's studio is a commercial painting service and you can see some really nice examples of painted miniatures visiting the site. 

Colonel Marbles Miniatures 
A new site with info about miniatures and some useful services like the showcase of the different alternatives for every race. 

The Realm of Fantasy 
This site is full of useful info about the miniature painting art and is also the home of a nice painting contest. The site owner is Michael Tze Wei Na. 

The Painted Soldier
Ted Willcock is a figure painter, terrain & diorama builder of almost all scales. He offer a painting service with reasonable rates so take a look if you need some painted miniature or just if you like to see something painted well ;o) 

Goodwin's Painting Service by Deane P.Goodwin  
Seven raven's by Catherine "Cat" Klinger
Lutra Enterprises by Eve Forward and Nathan Rollins
La Victoire's minis by David Lavictoire
four commercial painting service maintained by users of the mailing list, here you can find some examples of their work

Astralos' grove: clay modeling, miniatures, and AD&D role-playing
a site with the explanations on how to make the miniatures yourself

Online Miniature Painting and Modeling Guide
good photos and explanations, with a section on the terrain construction

Pewter Miniature Paint Shoppe
another good place to find useful tips about miniature painting

Miniature Painting Guide by Vicki Stephenson
a new picture guide, still at the beginning but looks nice... check it!

Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic
the Doctor is in... ready to give the best hints of the net about miniature painting....

Solis Media
One of the best painting guides, I really like the polite style of these miniatures and the realism of the paintjob. A link that worth more than a visit.

An entire site devoted to the Adeptus Arbites... painting, conversion, new rules and novels.

Demon Winners     newred.gif (902 bytes) 
Jeremie Bonamant is one of the best French painters as you can see browsing this site and if you don't like the miniatures you can still visit the archive of pictures taken from the Golden Demon pages of various White Dwarf magazines.

Miniatures manufacturers  :

Manor House Workshop
If you need a good diorama or an outstanding game table this is the site to visit. From a small pillar to a complete castle you can buy a kit or a completed and painted terrain. It worth a visit just to see the wonderful gallery.

Mithril Miniatures     newred.gif (902 bytes) 
Mithril makes Middle-earth figures (including some great dragons) from Tolkiens magical world. Check also the new 54mm line if you are a serious collector!

Prince August     newred.gif (902 bytes) 
If you are looking for miniature moulds this is the right place. You can also find here the Vallejo paints and a range of brushes that will make you paint better for sure ;o) 

Esperia Editrice     newred.gif (902 bytes) 
Here you can find a new editor that publish an interesting magazine in Italian called Alea Iacta Est devoted to the historical wargames. They also sculpt and sell miniatures (Longobards, Frankish and a new fantasy line with orcs and goblins) as well as some scenery items including skulls, doors and castles.

Testudo is a new Italian miniature manufacturer that produces historical miniatures in both 15 and 28mm scale.
The quality of their miniatures is really good and the bigger scales can be used also in fantasy settings as Empire or Bretonnian armies..

Shadowforge is an Australian brand of miniatures that produce a special kind of miniatures... all females and only females pieces. You can find Blood Bowl bunnies and female space marines.. you have to see to believe!.

Sabertooth Games
Sabertooth Games is a new company that will be producing the Warhammer 40,000Collectible Card Game. You can find here frequent updates, artwork, an FAQ, and a downloadable version of the basic rules, along with some "dummy" cards

an Italian manufacturer that produce resin miniatures of large format. Fantasy miniatures are (at the present time) a minority but it's possible to find some models taken from Italian and Japanese comics (Jeeg, Actarus, Nathan Never...). You can also find a sexy line and an online catalog, to finish you can visit the gallery with the pictures sent by the visitors and the painting tips. A must to visit!

Ral Partha Miniatures
the site of one of the best miniatures manufacturers, with an online catalog

Ral Partha Publishing
the place to find all the latest information about Ral Partha's Battlestorm. Check out the E-zine "Eye of the storm".

Games Workshop e Games Workshop UK
the GW official site that produces and distributes the games of the Warhammer series and the Citadel miniatures

Games Workshop Italia 
the official Italian site, sometime you can find here some picture of the new releases, check out the "Novità" (news) link

War Zone Gaming Terrain Systems
this manufacturer produce components to simulate the terrain in wargames. Be sure to visit its web directory that gather, divided by arguments, the best links about Wargaming, RPG and miniatures.

Reaper Miniatures
the best undead characters that I have ever seen, but also the other characters are full of details. Check out this site, you can apply for a free catalog. I have also received their Dark Heaven Apocalypse game and I recommend it to everyone, the rules are clear, fast and well explained. Try it!

The Harlequin Miniatures
fantasy, sci-fi and Dr.Who miniatures (some more hints when I can put my hands on a catalog)

the Target is the editor of Chronopia and Warzone, two of the best miniatures games currently on the market.

one of the oldest miniature brand, finally on-line with their site. RAFM line of miniatures cover all the types of miniatures: fantasy, for both the generic players and for their new game Death in the Dark, historical, modern and ancient armies, and sci-fi with a line of spacecrafts for Silent Death. Take a look also for their Call of Chtulu miniatures and the new game Charlie company, miniatures battles in Vietnam.
Not long ago I was accepted in their Painters Guilds and will start soon to paint miniatures for the RAFM catalog

DragonRune Miniatures
a new entry in the world of the miniature manufacturer from Spain... actually you can find here just some wonderful orcs but as you can see they start in the right way and the miniatures are wonderful. You can find here also some good articles on how to sculpt your own miniatures

Blues Brothers
the site of the Italian importer of Rackham Miniatures

Grim Reaper Casting
take a look to the Nasteez line if you are searching some unusual miniature to paint. Cliff Linton, the talented sculptor of this line is also on the Miniature-painting mailing list

I-Kore Games
i-Kore Games Ltd. is a young, Edinburgh based company that produces and distributes its own range of white metal miniatures, along with modeling tools, paints and brushes for its science fiction skirmish game Void.
Void is a fast paced skirmish game set in a far-future science fiction universe. It uses a unit by unit activation system that encourages strategic use of supporting troops. The Void rule book contains all the rules of play, an armory section and army lists for the four human armies, Viridians, Junkers, Syntha, V.A.S.A., as well as the mysterious alien race, the Koralon. A miniature line covering all the five armies supports Void, available in lead-free white metal.

Miniatures galleries:

Giuseppe Cico's Home page
a good page with many interesting creations, a step by step guide for the creation of a diorama and a gallery.

Ed's Hobby Hovel, A Wargamer's webpage
information about wargames and a good gallery of historical and fantasy miniatures

The Chambers of miniatures
a miniature gallery and many links, in my opinion one of the best painters around

DAC's cybergallery
the greatest miniatures online gallery.... with a guide to the fast painting technique

The Miniatures Gallery - Thierry Hanser's Home Page
miniatures divided by subject, one of the best gallery I have found. Devoted to the AD&D personalities and monsters

Daya's den
a nice page with many miniatures painted with different

Painted Metal
a new site, not much at this moment but you can see some nice miniatures and check it out for the news

Hillcity Comics - impressive collection of miniature pictures, all of them from Games workshop and taken from the battlefield

Felix Enterprises
Impressive miniature gallery, more than 400 pictures of historical, fantasy and sci-fi miniatures with a dedicated gallery for the Flintloque line. Here you can find also news, rules and many links

The Miniatures Codex: Fantasy and Myth Miniature Gallery
pictures and hints to paint historical and fantasy miniatures. The characteristic of this site is the number of historical miniatures on their gallery

Guild of Assassins
an image gallery, a picture guide
and many other resources that will please the Warhammer Fantasy Battle fans

The Old Sage
here you can find the usual miniature gallery and the winners of the annual painting contest with many other information about the
Warhammer world

The Shaman's hut
if you like the undead here you can find some pictures to see... and Scott is writing also some hints about how to paint them... take a look

Somerset Wargamer
if you are looking for some new rules for your battles take a look to this site, they have some new rules for historical and fantasy. Here you can find also many information about Warhammer and a huge links selection.
Check out also their gallery with some "rare" pictures of Flintloque, Dr.Who, Stargrunt and other "not so easy to find" pictures

League of Augsburg
just historical miniatures here..... but it's a wonderful gallery!

Evelyn's Dragons
everything about the dragons and in the gallery page you will find some interesting miniatures

The Realm of Inisfail - Warhammer FB and Warhammer 40K 
one of the best sites about the Warhammer world... if you are searching something here you can find it... and check out the gallery page!

the best site about Confrontation and Rackham miniatures, take a look to the "Galerie des 1000 miroirs" for some miniatures (French only)

Chaotic Conversionz
here you can find many inspiring conversions and paint jobs as well as some info about painting. If you don't like to paint your miniatures Caotic Conversionz provide also a painting service

Italian RPG sites and magazines:

IHG: the website!
the official site of  it.hobby.giochi the Italian newsgroup dedicated to the wargames, card games, board games and fun (Italian only)

The monkey shine
the web guide to: Wargame, RPG, Manga, Model-making and Sci-Fi !! This site, owned by Hanuman is the right place to find the right link to the resource for your hobby. Every link is annotated to let you know what are you about to visit (Italian only)

High Elves - Phoenix Gallery
miniature gallery devoted to the High Elves, check out also the page of his girlfriend, devoted to the Dark Elves (Dark Elves - The Hydra Gallery) (Italian only)

Wolfbane - The winter den
Wolfbane's site is the first and only Italian site with information about Warzone, Chronopia and Confrontation. Their miniatures worth the time to make a tour on his pages (Italian only)

Epic Eldar Page
Lorenzo is an expert about Epic, he take part to the writing of NetEpic and on his site you can find the best information of the net about this wonderful game (Italian and English)

In this site you can find a gallery with the miniatures painted by Changeling and his friends.
(Italian only)

one of the best Italian pages about DBM with battle reports, links and a gallery of well painted miniatures (Italian only)

Warhammer Battle Ground 
a site devoted to Warhammer fantasy battle with some new ideas
(Italian only)

Adeptus Terra 
Warhammer 40K and all the things related to this game
(Italian only)

Lo Specchio di Gylas
a painting guide in Italian and a gallery of miniatures in 25/15/6mm (Italian only)

GIM Fantasy miniature painting
another painting guide in Italian with a good gallery and a Java tool to paint your "Virtual" miniature
(Italian only)

Blood Bowl Arena
The best site about Blood Bowl in Italian.. rules translation, information and leagues.

Segmentum Tyrrenum    newred.gif (902 bytes)
A nice Italian site dedicated to the GW Games.

Other sites:

Hive Constructors Inc
the best guide to terrain construction. Take a can, a couple of floppy disks and build a space station!

BILLYS SHED wargames and Warhammer scenery
print, cut and build scenery items for your wargame! It's all free and really well done

Casting miniatures
an interesting guide about miniature casting

War Flag
this is not a site with miniatures but.... here you can find many printable flags, useful for all wargamers, historical or fantasy Fantasy Wargaming Home Page
nice site with reviews, articles and hints about the world of miniatures

The Miniatures Page: A WWW Magazine
here you can find EVERYTHING about fantasy/sci-fi/historical miniatures and rules. If you are interested in miniatures you have to bookmark this site!

The Great RPG Archive
the biggest RPG archive on the net, all pages are divided into categories and updated every day. Pick your favorite RPG and browse hundreds of related sites

The British Wargames site

Ultimate GW Links
if you are a GW fan this site worth a visit. Select the section devoted to your favorite game and browse the sites collected by the Ultimate Games Workshop Links Crew

Games Workshop Gateway
the best collection of links to the Warhammer sites on the internet

Games Workshop Gateway
all links that belong to pages devoted to GW products

The Warp
this site has EVERYTHING about the miniature world.... it's a true web magazine with news, reviews, pictures and links to everything is related to the miniature world

The Stuff of Legends
the "archeology" of miniatures. Here you can find information and pictures of old miniatures

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