Painting guide
This painting guide is written with the aim to approach to the miniature painting all those that play with miniatures and want to start painting them or improve their skill.
This guide was started in Italian at first because I have noticed the lack of information about miniature painting in my language. Then I have decided to publish it also in English just because you can find here some new info and some technique that can be interesting
The e-mail address is at your disposal to send your suggestions, corrections and most of all to collaborate.
I hope indeed to support this guide with the information that you will send me on the various techniques that you use to paint and to build miniatures and scenes.

To reduce the weight of the pages I have used some thumbnails.... click on them to see the whole image.

Step by step guides    
Painting faces

Painting skin with Vallejo acrylics

Painting skin with GW acrylics

Painting NMM (Non Metal Metallic)

Guide Index : (old guide - I hope to update it soon)
Equipment and colors

Types of miniatures

Priming and first coat

ink washing

Highlighting and lining


Flags and insignias

Preparing the base

Bretonnian Knight
(the finished miniature )


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