Here you can find something useful for all the lazy painters that need something to personalize their army but don't have time to paint their flags.

shields10.gif (527 bytes)    evil07.gif (3805 bytes)    shields05.gif (343 bytes)

In those pages you will find some color drawings ready to be printed and glued to the pole of your standard bearer.

If you have some flag to add to the collection send them to my E-mail address, explaining where you have found it or if you are the artist. In this way I can add it with the correct copyright owner.

I don't earn anything for this service and all images you download cannot be sold or reproduced for commercial purpose. The original Copyright remain of the original owners and I will delete the flags if requested.

Page 1 - flags and banners (13)     Hasbro International
Page 2 - flags and banners (14)      Hasbro International
Page 3 - shields and little banners (28)      Hasbro International
Page 4 - black and white banners to print and paint - Thanks to Marshall
Page 5 - standards created with Photoshop by Ralf Engels, check his homepage for a guide to create your own banners.

You can find also two banners for Empire armies created by Gianluca "Ciuppy"

Page 6 - Dark Angels standards for Warhammer 40K

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