Who? Me?!?

So you all are curious, right?
Well, here's a couples of things about me:

My name is Paolo Guion and live in Alba, a small Italian town. My nickname comes from the passion about the miniature painting and the dragons.
I'm born in 1964, married since 1990 and with a cat to support.
I work as a computer technician for one of the biggest Italian newspaper and in my previous work I was a teacher for Olivetti about networks

Hobbies.... apart from painting miniatures I have played volley for 20 years and stopped in '99... you know... the Millennium bug and my sore knees can get worse together...

About the miniatures...

Everything started in 1989 when Cristina's brother showed me some metal miniatures that he used for playing Dungeons and Dragons. Since I have always been an enthusiast of science fiction and fantasy books I have started to take an interest in the game and, therefore, in the miniatures.
The first step has been the purchase of Hero Quest, as soon as gone out in Italy and then has been the time of Dungeonquest (really beautiful, today I still consider it a good table game).
After the first games, seeing the photos on the boxes (and realizing that the best thing of Hero Quest were the miniatures) I have decided to try to paint them and... surprise!!  
Surely I was not an artist (and they are not now even it) but the results were superior to my expectations and so I have decided to continue.
In 1998 have returned to paint after a long pause because of other engagements and I have searched the internet some sites about this hobby.
The search has underlined two things:
- there are many enthusiasts that show their miniatures on the internet
- it seems that there are not many sites in Italian with explanations on how to paint the miniatures.
So I have decided to give my own contribution with this site.
These pages don't want to be only a showcase for my works but I hope
that they become a starting point for the enthusiasts that want to learn (or to teach) new painting techniques.
I hope besides that all those that don't have a web page send the photos of their works to create a virtual gallery.

I hope that my passions will contaminate you in some way and that you will come back to visit me often and tell me what you think.

See you soon!


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