Here you can see the inevitable list of links to other sites that contain useful information, Floppy's friends and cats pictures.

miniatura.gif (6549 bytes)Sites of cats from it.discussioni.animali.gatti (the Italian cats newsgroup):

Duca Lucifero's Official Web Site
The site where you can find the most of the cats from the newsgroup it.discussioni.animali.gatti, as well as many pages on the Middle Ages, midi files,fantasy tales and images (Italian only)
The Raymot Catpage
An Australian friend of the newsgroup, hurry up to see his wonderful cats. You can also find here a funny Cat-font created by Raymot for all cats lovers. (Italian and English)
Gatti - Adolfo Melilli
Fax e Vaselina are the two cats of Adolfo, they are really nice and worth a visit. Take a look to their page and send a message to Adolfo, inviting him to complete the site... ;) (Italian only)
Ghibli !!!!!!!
You have to see this little black daredevil....
On Fiorella's site you can also visit the pages dedicated to Fritz and to the cats that she has photographed around the world. A noteworthy goes to the gardens page (she's an architect) (Italian only)
Il nostro zoo
The cats (and other animals) owned by Sandro and Marinella, a visit to this site to see the close-up of Goku is required. (Italian only)
Micia Home Page
Micia is a unbridled cat and it's a veteran of internet, its page is full of news about cats and it has a link to the "Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run", really funny! (Italian and English)
Gatti e... misfatti
"To tell all the truth I have tried to make a portrait of my cats that are really scamp and lively.... There are also some funny news and many pictures. I hope you will visit it because it's my first page and I'm still excited!"
How to comment it? Go and look for it! (Italian only)
The Cimix inc. home page
Just a collection of cats links for now... but the page will be upgraded soon. Come on, Cimix! (Italian only)
At least she has done her own homepage! And she can be proud of it, see the wonderful pictures of her kids (humans and feline) (Italian only)
A simple image archive with the pictures of cats and dogs from the Italian newsgroups. (Italian only - but mainly pictures)
The characteristic of this site is the list of cats books, really well tended. You can also admire her cats and browse in many interesting information. (Italian only)
Trudy on line
The site of Davide, Luisa e Trudy, their lively cat... here you can find another gallery of cats from the Italian newsgroup it.discussioni.animali.gatti and many interesting information. (Italian only)
Anna and her cats...
Anna has created this site dedicated to her present and pasts cats, from the homepage you can click and discover other pages, one for each cat of her life. (Italian only)
Devon Rex
Aliens or cats? This breed is one of the strangest breeds in the feline universe... (Italian only)
Danj&Chicca&Phoebe Homepage
a site about Daniele and Cristina's passions.... and their lovely Phoebe (Italian only)

Birba's page

Here's the most frequently updated page in the IDAG newsgroup... every week you can find new pictures and stories (Italian only)

Black Lady's & Cats homepage

Another wonderful gallery dedicated to the IDAG cats, this time Black Lady guide us in her cats gallery. (Italian only)

The cats of

Another site filled by love and cats.. oh.. and Francilastrega in Italian mean Franci the witch.. take a look to this site (Italian only)


miniatura.gif (6549 bytes)Cats images and Floppy's friends:

Il mondo dei gatti
The site of a cats lover that is the talkshowman of a cats related show on a private Italian TV, with good links and pictures. (Italian and English)
Only Cats
A good Italian site with many information, funny too (proverbs, jokes...) (Italian only)
The ErotiCat Homepage
Many funny images and descriptions.... send a photo of your cat too! Here you can find some Floppy's images. (English)
Scottish Folds on the Web - Jerome's Home
Jerome's site, a wonderful Scottish fold. (English)
Charlie's home page
A fantastic Maine Coon, visit its "Cats vs. Dogs" page. (English)
Cats lovers
A site with pictures for every cat breed and the "Cat of the month" contest. (English)
The Cat Page
Visit Sherri and her kitties in this wonderful page. Here you can apply for the "Cat Page Award" (English)
Home of the "CutieCat's FourPaw Award". And also a great site for all cats lover! (English)
Muffin's homepage
If you like scamp cats you don't have to miss this site! You can also try to become friends and apply for the "Muffin's Award" (English)
Odette's cats and racoons
Come to visit this site and discover Odette's cats and some Canadian raccoons (In Italy we don't have raccoons - sigh!) (English)
The Nice Kittens Page
A site dedicated to the kittens with wonderful pictures and graphics. You can also find a free screen saver to download. (English)
Here you can find many information about Korat and Orientals cats, Donatella is the webmaster and the breeder of many champions. (Italian and English)


miniatura.gif (6549 bytes)Cats information:

Fanciers: Cat Picture Sites and Feline Home Pages
The American breeders official site, it contain information and pictures of all cats breeds. (English)
rec.pets.cats FAQ Homepage
The official FAQ site for the American newsgroup rec.pets.cats. You can find the same FAQ with the Italian translation here in the FAQ's page. (English)
Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana FFI
Formerly Federazione Felina Italiana - is the first Italian association for the defense and promotion of cats. It's also the first and only legally recognized by the Italian State.  (Italian and English)
Il Gatto
The official site of the Italian magazine "Il Gatto" (The Cat), inside you will find: breeds, the history of cats, care information, chat room and the links page.
You can also browse the index of the current magazine issue.  
(Italian only)
Il Gatto (this site is not related with the previous one)
Nice site with many information about breeds, history and many useful and funny information. Well done, Claudia! (Italian only)
An On-Line Magazine with many interesting information and a section dedicated to the little animals (Italian only)
Denver Dumb Friends League
Since 1910, the Denver Dumb Friends League has extended a hand of kindness to animals in need throughout the metro area. The League is a private, non-profit animal welfare organization that shelters more than 21,000 lost, unwanted and abandoned animals each year. This site is full of articles concerning the care of the little pets. (English)

The Feral Cat Coalition

The FCC is an organization based in San Diego (CA) that traps and spays/neuters feral cats, then returns them to their caretakers. This service is provided to the community at no cost by licensed veterinarians and volunteers with one goal in mind: reducing the enormous number of homeless, unwanted cats. (English)
Kitty Klips are an idea that may help save your cat's life by keeping him or her contained within a fenced yard. Kitty Klips are easy to install, inexpensive to buy and work on nearly every type of fencing. Using this simple idea, we have kept four adult cats contained within our backyard now for over three years.


miniatura.gif (6549 bytes)Care and veterinary information (collected by DannyT):

VetInfo - CatInfo
Alphabetical index with a little of everything... (English)
PetVet - HealthInfo
Alphabetical index of almost everything... (English)
Cat Fancy On-Line: Feline Library
Some good information from the famous "Cat Fancy Magazine"... (English)
Cornell Feline Health Center
Huge site, with no graphic... (English)
Veterinary Ophthalmology InfoCentre
For animals with eyes health problems. (English)
Perfect Paws Cat Center
Why it scratches? Why it wakes me up at 4am? Why it sprays everywhere? Why...?: Cats behavior from the feline point of view! Worth a visit... (English)
Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center
Useful information for cats with the chronic renal failure. (English)
Feline Leukemia FAQ
The Frequently Answered Questions about the feline leukemia. (English)
Newer Methods for treating FeLV+ Cats
The title tell you everything... (English)
Purina Cats
Argh!!! A commercial site!!! It has a good section concerning breeds, feeding, health, behavior... and the exact chemical composition of its products. (English)
Cat Health-Related Links
An impressive collection of health-related links. (English)

NEW! All the sites after this line are new links from DannyT bookmarks (all in English)

Cat Health & Cat Behavior Links
Tally's Cat Page: if you don't find it here you can't find it anywhere!
Cat Health Related
Jeff&Diane's Cat House: If you can't find it here look on MetaCrawler!
Pet Care Library
The Dr Van Lienden clinic, DVM (Look at the sections Behavior and Cats)
FAB Information Sheets
53 informative files from the Feline Advisory Bureau
Feline Health Articles
12 articles about 12 common pathologies, from The Cat Network
Infectious Diseases of Cats&Dogs
Virus, bacteria, parasite, fungus... by Michael S. Rand, DVM

Specific about CRF:

Feline CRF Information Center
by Carol and David DiFiori (with a MailingList)
Kerry & Nadia's Site
....Nadia is under therapy since March 1998 (with diet information)

Specific about feline diabetes:

Feline Diabetes
On-line since 1996! (with MessageBoard).
Pets with Diabetes Home Page
Barney's "sweet life"...  *really detailed*

Specific about various pathologies:

The Feline PKD Home Page
FAQ about PKD a rare genetic illness...
Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
HCM, or the most common cats cardiac illness
New Hopes Journey
dedicated to Sylvia, the Kremer's Ark about vaccine sarcoma syndrome

Specific about diets:

Nutrition Support Service
from the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital
Vets e Caring For Pets With CRF
diet and clinic information from Waltham
Administering Subcutaneous Fluids
really useful!! Dedicated to Whiskers (look the  illustrations)


Feline Kidney Disease
The Internet Vet Column, Volume 2, Number 7

About behavioral disorders: Karen L. Overall, VMD, PH.D., Dip. ACVB

Look at affiliative behaviors when weaned kittens continue to suckle
An article the DVM Newsmagazine - Small Animal Behavior
An accurate diagnosis critical to treating behavioral disorders
An article from the DVM Newsmagazine - Small Animal Behavior
Waltham Contents: some help from the producer of Whiskas!

miniatura.gif (6549 bytes)Others cats related sites:

The Dog House
Despite of the name this site is filled with cats (and dogs) related graphics. (English)
Cat Stuff
Another site with a lot of graphic for cats lovers. (English)

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