Cats from IDAG

Here you can admire the cats from the Italian NG it.discussioni.animali.gatti.

Have fun with all those wonderful cats!

Page 1 Spottie, Roy, Kira and "The Mouse" owned by Daniela (DannyT)
Ghibli owned by Fiorella
Merlino, Artų and brother Giaino owned by Alessandra
Pelo, Pulce, Pepita and Tobia owned by Riccardo
Pepe owned by Alfio
Page 2 Jumbo owned by Stefano (PellicciaŽ)
Polar e Tammy owned by Raymot
Muscėr owned by Giovanni
Phoebe owned by Daniele and Cristina
Mimmi owned by Renata
Page 3 Micia e Fufao owned by Stefania e Dino
Chicca e Bicio owned by Nicola71
Ciacchiotto, Farosolo, Fleonice, Sputino and other cute Devon owned by Giovanni and Roberta (Fabbricassani)
Sheba owned by Massimo and Laura
Titus owned by Livia e Johnny
Page 4 Bijou(*) and Sole owned by Ettore and Elena
Trespolo(*) owned by Tina
Ambrogino owned by Diana, Anna and Elso
Melopč owned by Giulia, Raffaella and Sergio
Picci owned by Luciano and Chiara
Page 5 Floppy and Stella owned by Anna,Ettore and Francesca
Miki owned by Francesca
Cagliostro owned by Gabriele
Trudy owned by Luisa
Page 6 Escobar and Spelacchia owned by Francesca (francilastrega)
Riccia, Fiocco, Ulisse, Cigolo, Selvaggia, Carolina, Brendy, Mirtillo, Sandy, Nessie, Merlino, Snoopy, Orsetto and Simbolino owned by Rosanna (Sula)
Page 7 Musnik from the Moldavian Republic owned by Paolo and its friend King
Camilla and Carlotta owned by Lorella
Gioia owned by Chicca
Zampina owned by Rita
Cleopatra owned by Dario
Page 8 Mibtel and Nikkei owned by Cristina and Leonardo
Matisse and King owned by Angelo, Andrea and Naty
Ginevra owned by Laura and Enrico
Taddeo owned by Andrea
Leo e Mora owned by Black Lady
Page 9 Camilla owned by Lorenzo
Akira owned by Gianluca
Naomi owned by Cico and Dany
Birba and Geronimo owned by Marina
Suzie and Rambo owned by Marco
Page 10 Thinky by Antonella
Lady, Yuri, Gigi, Filippo and Julie by Grazia and Alberto
Reddy, Smarty and Missy by Samantha and Hans (and Mogley the little rabbit...)
Zoe, Priscilla and Sofia by Alessandra (AD)
Virgola by Cesj
Page 11 Brigida and Attila by Sara
Lilla, Juve, Lepre, Patty and Phi Stillo  by Umberto
Picchio by Debora
Page 12 Porcyno and Zipipp by Piergianni
Tinto by Valeria
Isy, Briciola and Nocciola by Silvia
Piffero, Lisa and Tiberio by Luca and Isabella
Page 13 Leo by Silvia and Carlo
Remedios (Meme) and Indy by Clementina
Poldo, Cleo and Uma by Roberta

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