Here you can see some pictures of the wild beast, just if you are curious to see the cat that started all the site.
The young Floppy in its wonderful basket. Well... starting from the beginning....
Here is one of the first pictures of Floppy in it's new home.

This is the first (and unique) time that it used the basket lovingly given by its owners.
After few minutes Floppy decided that the big basket, the one where the humans sleep, was more comfortable.... and it still use it.

From the top of a door, a confortable position just for a cat! One of Floppy's preferred activities, to check what's happen from above.
There are a couple of problems:
- to climb it use the first human that pass near the door.
- sometime its interest for the high places is revealed to 5 am resulting in a early wake up for everyone.
Another door... another cat.... Higher up!

Sometime it's nice to see that habits remain the same also changing home.... it mean that the cat was not stressed too much.

Warning: don't try it at home!!!

Floppy posing for its fans. Here's our model in one of the poses that made it famous abroad. As you can see visiting the links page our cat has a place on  "The ErotiCat Homepage", an American site that worth a visit to see some of the best pictures of cats in their seduction expressions. (You can find it in the Links page)
Under the lamp.... with the eyes on!! Luckily this picture and the next one wasn't blurred! It's really difficult to take a picture laughing!

As everyone that own a cat knows every day there are many funny moments that worth a picture... but as soon you reach the camera the cat assume a pose and it's really difficult to catch a "natural" pose.

Will be a sign of intelligence?

Spring cleaning!!! Everyone knows that cats are clean animals... indeed they steal a couple of hours to the sleep time (about 23 hours a day).

But just a few knows that cats are experts on cleaning tools.... or maybe they read in our mind trying to use first the tools when we need them.

What's the puppet? Sometime Floppy give proof of its mimetic abilities, trying to hide itself.

The only problem is that at home it's not so simple to hide, here it try to imitate a puppet.... and the operation was successful!

It's hard to fit inside here! Another example of Floppy's adaptability.
It don't need a basket or some pillows to take a nap, sometime it's enough a sheltered place....

In this picture the poor cat thinks: "Nothing better to do instead of close the drawer?"


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