Gallery II

Soap...... thanks! Ohhhhh... a new page!
Wait, I make myself smart.... well.... I need some soap...
And now some exercise... And now the claws.... sure you don't want I present myself messy, right?

I have to ask to Paolo's daddy another scratching post, this one is worn-out!

Toothpaste? No, thanks! And my teeth? Are they clean?

Ok, I'm ready... you can start taking the pictures...

What?? You have already started?

A cover pose It's ok in this way? Can you take me in this pose? The picture is large enough for my whiskers?
Stand up that now he take the picture!

Ok, shoot!

Stand up!   Stand up, please!
I know I'm handsome but don't act in this way... if you don't co-operate you can't become famous like me!



Ok Muccolo, come here that I will hold you, and don't look like a dumb cow as usual!

Too much sun, better sleep here... No, now I'm tired... haven't you yet finished taking pictures? It's time to take a nap, you know that...

Come back later and we will take some more.

Catched! Oops! I thought I was well hidden, ok, one more picture but is the last one.
I need some rest!
At least I'm napping! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

I saw you! Stop immediately with that camera or I will scratch you!



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